AUTOart Lexus IS300 Diecast Model Car Review

by Eugene Birman
Staff Reviewer

Exterior Features, Quality:

The Lexus IS-300 was introduced in the US as a direct shot at BMW’s 3-Series, and Audi’s A4 range. This car succeeded because of its sporting nature, and chic styling. This is my the first AUTOart diecast model car that I've owned, although I’ve seen and handled many. I had very high expectations for this model, and they were definitely met, and here’s how: Starting off where I always do, (the wheels and tires), this car fails to impress. There are nice brake discs and calipers, excellent wheels, but in this price range, the tires are completely anonymous. I expected more for the money. The rest is wonderful. There are excellent headlamps, firmly secured, and drop-dead gorgeous. The grille is accurate, and the logo is very nice as well. The rear is my favorite part of the design. The tail lights are extremely well-done...they look very realistic. The tailpipe is good, and the logo and name are present. The rear window features a nicely-done sunshade, with accurate spacing and colors.

Interior Features, Quality:

The interior is breathtaking. It features the correct chronograph-looking speedo, and excellent pedals. Although the seats aren’t leather, they do feel nice, as does the floor – a welcome change from the plastic that dominates my collection. An abundant amount of detail is present in the interior, and it is really rewarding to notice all the little things. There are seat recliners/adjusters, and seatbelts with cute moving buckles can be found around the car. My only gripe here is that they can’t go over the width of the seat, which means that if this car was magnified 18 times, the driver would have some trouble with the police...


Everything here opens, including the hood, four doors, and trunk. Everyone can take example from Autoart on the seamless way that this is done. The engine has excellent detail, and the trunk is finished with nice-feeling plastic. Excellent.


Autoarts have always been defined as a great car with amazing value...This is no exception. No one else makes this car, and if you can cough up $45 to buy it, it’s a done deal.


Definitely pleasing to the eye, and rewarding to the collector. I couldn’t pick at more things than I did here, and even that wasn’t enough to bring it down from where it is. This is a model for the serious collector, and even if it’s not a LE, who cares? I give it a Concourse score.


AUTOart Lexus IS300