1964 Ford Falcon - Grey (YatMing) 1/18

1964 Ford Falcon - Grey (YatMing) 1/18


In 1959 both Ford and Chrysler, unknown to each other, chose the name Falcon for their new small car. But because Ford reserved the name with an industry registry only twenty minutes ahead of Chrysler, it won the right to the name.... thus the Ford Falcon! 1964 brought the first of the post-WW2 Baby Boomers into their late teens and Ford changed the body style of their Falcon from "round" to "square" design and added a 260ci V8 engine standard in every Sprint. The 260 V8 Sprint had 164HP and "four on the floor" optional. This new "square" body style was an aggressive change from the previous rounded lines of the earlier Falcon models and proved to be successful with the public.

The original Mustang actually evolved from the development of the '64 Falcon. It was Lee Iacocca's idea to develop a new car based on the Falcon chassis. In other words, if there were not a Falcon, the Mustang would have not been created!

YatMing Road Signature Diecast Model No. 92708