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1970's Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III V12 - Green (AUTOart) 1/18

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The Series III represented the end of the Jaguar E-Type. The reasoning behind the introduction of the V12 5,343 cc engine was the need to keep performance high despite increasingly stringent emissions standards. Power was 250 hp at 6,000 rpm and most acceleration reports indicated that the V12 was as fast or faster than the pre-emissions six-cylinder engine. Since cost was a major consideration, the Series 3 was based on the same wheelbase as the 2+2 coupe. The result was a larger interior and additonal space for an automatic transmission, now available in an E-Type roadster for the first time. The cost of US$7,599 kept alive the tradition of the E-Type as a performance bargain. Air-conditioning had become a popular option and was well integrated. The heavier engine made power-assisted steering a necessity, allowing a one-inch reduction in the diameter of the steering wheel, which was trimmed in leather instead of mahogany. The radiator opening on the Series III was much larger than that on the 6-cylinder E-Type. This was the reason behind the fitting of a grille for the first time. The larger opening improved cooling, a problem with the 6-cylinder XK engine. Production of the Series III ceased in 1975.

Nicely Crafted in 1:18 scale by Autoart, for there Millennium collection. This is the Jaguar E-Type Roadster Series III V12, beautifully finished in red. Highly detailed inside and out, the collector will have no other choice but to marvel at the intricate details of this amazing sports car. Features include opening doors, hood, trunk, workable steering, authentic tires and rims and much more! This would be a good one for that Jag collection of yours.

Auto Art Diecast No. 73522

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