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1957 Olds Super 88 - Victoria White (Highway 61) 1/18
SKU: H61-50448

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“...In my Olds 88 and the devil on a leash!”

Or said the old song, and it’s easy to see how someone cruising in their '57 Oldsmobile Super 88 could feel like the world was at their fingertips. In the 1950’s Oldsmobile introduced the 371ci “Rocket” T400 engine that delivered 277hp with the standard four-barrel carburetor, but the J-2 Rocket engine paired with a six-barrel carburetor could deliver 300hp, and the special Rocket powerplant could offer as much as 312hp. Oldsmobile’s design teams styled 88s around the theme of space-age jet propulsion as part of a divisional design and marketing campaign. A gaping open intake grille, swept-back wheel wells, dynamic body trim, and twin rear taillight fins were groundbreaking design elements meant to evoke high-speed aircraft. Oldsmobile offered a base Oldsmobile 88, a mid-range Golden Rocket 88, and the high-end Super 88 trim packages. As a nod to the space-age “rocket” theme, Oldsmobile adopted a ringed globe emblem to demonstrate the universal appeal of the 88 line, and with six different body configurations available within the Super 88 family alone, there certainly had to be an Olds for every taste. The standard Syncro-Mesh transmission could be replaced with the Jetaway Hydra-Matic Drive for smoother acceleration. Inside, the Super 88 offered a deluxe trim package with distinct upholstering of the spacious interior, and power steering, power windows, power seats, and power brakes all made for a very comfortable and luxurious ride indeed.

Highway 61 Diecast No. 50448

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