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[ 1970 Boss 429 Mustang - Custom ]
1970 Boss 429 Mustang - Custom Black (Highway 61) 1/18
SKU: H61-50591

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Ford wanted to dominate racing, and designed the 429 cubic inch engine specifically for that purpose. To qualify in 1969, any engine used in racing had to be used in street cars, so Ford turned to the Kar Kraft facility in Brighton, Michigan to squeeze their massive powerplant into an existing chassis. Remarkably, the Kar Kraft team was able to fit the new engine under the hood of the '69 Mustang Fastback by moving the shock towers and suspension outward, lowering the steering arms, and relocating the battery to the trunk.

Stripped of decoration and trim save for the BOSS 429 badge on the fender sides, the Boss 429's unassuming appearance concealed the monster under the hood. The 429 c.i. engine was built for performance, the Boss 429 was built to get the engine on the race circuit, and Ford made no claims to the contrary. Drawing air through a massive hood scoop, a 780-cfm carburetor fed the fuel/air mox into oversized intake ports and valves that were arranged with the heads at different angles, creating a highly efficient near-hemispherical combsution chamber that Ford called a "crescent" configuration. A close-ratio four-speed manual transmission, a 3.91 rear axle with Traction-Lok, and a 3/4" rear sway bar topped off a performance package that, while advertised by Ford with an output of just 375-hp, could exceed a staggering 500-hp in the hands of experienced race engine tuners.

Highway 61 Diecast Model No. 50591 :: Assortment 60138

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