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[ Lamborghini Murcielago - Orang ]
Lamborghini Murcielago - Orange (Maisto) 1/18

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Billed as the successor to the legendary Diablo, the Murcielago surpassed the older car in every possible way. This was a beautiful design, simple compared to the outrageous supercars of today, but aggressive and sophisticated. A powerful engine, making around 573 hp, with 12 cylinders in the back The Murcielago was acclaimed as one of the most gorgeous and fastest cars of its day.

The metallic pastel green paint looks superb and really makes this supercar stand out among my collection – this is the color to get. Proportions are dead on, and all details appear to be accurate.The front of the car is particularly well made, with detailed headlights and a realistic Lamborghini badge. The wheels and tires are accurately detailed with sidewall markings, very realistic wheel details, and brakes and calipers.The headlights are very realistic, and look excellent. The license plate is neatly applied.

Open up those exotic scissor doors and you see the Murcielago’s sporty interior, all done in black, as it should be. The dash is detailed and accurately represents the real thing. The chrome shifter looks excellent. The seats are made of nice-feeling plastic, and it doesn’t feel very hard at all.The pedals are accurately shaped and look very nice. Overall, a very well done interior.

The Murcielago replica features an opening trunk, doors, and engine cover. The scissor doors are excellent – they stay up at full height and they have a very unnoticeable hinge. The engine cover lifts to display the incredible Lamborghini V12.

Maisto Diecast No. 31638

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