1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible - Black (Highway 61) 1/18

1952 Hudson Hornet Convertible - Black (Highway 61) 1/18


A perfect example of streamlining and balanced design!

Featuring the 1948 model's innovative "step down" body design which lowered the center of gravity and gave superior handling, the '52 Hudson Hornet Club Coupe was a serious performance car in its time. The famed "Twin H" engine with its twin carburetors and a single intake manifold was introduced as a factory-installed option in 1952, and cost just $85.60. The Hornet also offered the industry's biggest six-cylinder for 1952, the 308 cu. in. (505cc).

A dealer-installed high performance 7-X engine was also available in the Hornet for $385.00. Offering a bored .40 over engine, larger intake and exhaust valves, and three differentl camshaft options, the big six was able to generate over 200 horsepower. Additionally, many of these cars were fitted with "severe usage" or heavy-duty components. This Hudson parts package (#30395) was designed for use in Police Crusiers and for high-altitude applications, but many were used for racing. These race Hudsons dominated the stock car circuit through 1954, winning 31 of 35 starts in 1953 alone. Unfortunately, by then Hudson as a marque had but three years left of existence.

Includes interchangeable convertible top and boot, and operating rear bumper mounted spare tire kit.

Highway 61 Diecast Model No. 50664