1974 Chevy Custom Van - White w/ Black Flares (Highway 61) 1/18

1974 Chevy Custom Van - White w/ Black Flares (Highway 61) 1/18


"Keep on Truckin'!"

The spirit of vanning was born with the first panel van that rolled out of Detroit in the mid 20th century. In the 1990's, the call of the open road and the weekend gypsy lifestyle in vans took hold as models like the 1961 Corvan 95 and the 1964 GMC were introduced. By the end of the decade, "truck-ins" began as gatherings of a few vans, then hundreds, and later thousands of vans in the late 1970's. Vanning had evolved into a true national phenomenon that took the automotive world by storm.

The 1974 Chevy Custom Van from Highway 61 Collectibles represents the vanning craze at it's peak. The relatively inexpensive van (when pruchased on the secondary market) became a blank canvas for customizers. Ranging from mild to outrageously wild, custom vans hit the highways in record numbers. Specialty wheels and tires, custom paint jobs, along with with fully-caroeted interiors with beds and refrigerators were common. Other accessories like front and rear spoilers, fender flares, spare tire carriers, luggage racks, CB radios, 8-track stereos, and swiveling captain's chairs completed the package.

Highway 61 Diecast Model 50172